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Business Ethics Assignment Instructions Ethical Dilemma Assignment Objective: The student

 Business Ethics

Assignment Instructions  

Ethical Dilemma Assignment

Objective: The student will demonstrate an understanding of ethics in the workplace and ethical issues in business due to personnel, technological, and or economical change. 

To begin this assignment, the student will research, provide strategic method(s) to enhance the company’s workforce diversity or improve management of workforce, and present an ethical dilemma in the workplace. Give the name and brief history of the business/corporation. It can be a non-profit or for-profit business. Consider these factors: Who are the stakeholders? What is the dilemma in this situation? Is this crisis due to the nation being developed or less developed? What is the organization position on diversity and inclusion?  What are the social and ethical threats emerging from rapid technological change? What is the impact of technological advances in production methods and labor demand? What are the limits of new product development and consumer use? What are the threats to common accepted beliefs challenged by new technology? How is/was the crisis resolved? 

General dilemmas: union rights, customer satisfaction, production, flexible work schedules, hiring practice, promotions, employee education, etc.

Now that you have completed the research a 2-3-page paper, Prezi Presentation, MS PowerPoint presentation to submit orally or in written communication. Use your creativity to organize and deliver the information. You will be graded on content, presentation, and delivery. The student will submit documentation related to the assignment along with the grading rubric. 


Your grade will be calculated as follows: 

Total possible 100 points/percent. Each section is worth up to 20 points. 

High———————————– Low  

 20  16  12  8  4  0 

_____ Visual Aides – Use and integration of MS PowerPoint that is colorful and adds to the understanding of the topic is required (Title page plus at least 5-10 other slides. 

_____ Focus – The clarity with which the student has presented a clear main idea, point of view, or theme. Free  from spelling and grammatical errors. (-1pt. for each spelling/grammar error)

_____ Organization – The clarity of the logical flow of ideas and the explicitness of the structure or plan. 

_____ Integration – Combines all the elements of the project and indicates the students overall understanding of 

workplace ethics.

_____ Support/Elaboration – The degree to which the main point or event is elaborated and explained by detail and reasoning.  (Must have at least 3 scholarly references in APA format) 

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