For this assignment only, you should create a business that is growing oysters vertically in Long Island Sound. 

Prepare an Industry Analysis of the oyster industry. Begin globally then come locally (the USA and then Long Island). Go back at least 50 years. Do not mention your business in the research just explain the history of the industry, market trends, and operating trends (market size of the industry; trends in the industry (e.g. consolidations, automation, growth, regulations, economics, operating trends, environmental considerations, etc.) 

You may include graphs and tables. You must cite all your research. If you work together as a team (a maximum of 4 students are allowed on a team and each should cover at least two of the topics in the previous paragraph), you must provide the names of the students you worked with. 

The mock Industry Analysis should be a minimum of 4 pages (Double Spaces -12 font – with Sources/References) and names of the student team members.)