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How has this course helped you develop your mindset to

How has this course helped you develop your mindset to be smarter and even faster on the fireground without taking unnecessary risks that might affect the well-being of members of your community and crew? What recommendations do you have to improve this course?



To begin I have no recomendations to improve this course. I thought it was a well built course that was easy to understand instruction wise. Which isn’t always true with courses here at CSU. This course has taught me to slow down and be sure to always understand how my equipment and appratus works. Like ive said many times now. I have never been a firefighter. However, I am on the HAZMAT team at my facility. We rece3ntly swiched to scott backs with heads up displays. Before this course I would have been more complacent and said packe are usuall pretty similar. I took the time to focus on the training and realized how many differences there were between the scotts and the survivair packs. Hopefully, the rest of our team was engauged as well. This will make me faster in a HAZMAT situation without added risk to me and others. 

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