Diagnosis Writing Assignment Details:

Your writing assignment for this semester will be about a psychological disorder of your choice. Now that we have discussed what behavioral disorders are, along with some examples of such, I am tasking you with choosing one of them to write about. Once you have chosen a disorder, please find 1 peer-reviewed journal article about that disorder, read the article, and then write about what you have learned. I want this to be interesting for you, so feel free to describe why you chose the disorder you did if you would like. However, this needs to be in APA formatting and college-appropriate, so keep things at least a bit professional.

Grading Breakdown (Each worth up to 10 points):

  • Word Length – 300 to 400 words
  • Use 1 peer-reviewed journal article
  •  Use APA formatting style. 

I already choose the journal article and attached below