Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (at least 10 slides)

  • outlining the history behind the creation of the Constitution,
  • the reasons for including the Bill of Rights, a brief discussion on the rights and protections found within the Amendments and
  • identify the Amendments that directly relate to the creation and/or implementation of Criminal Law.
  • Make sure to cite your resources.
  • Select one of your classmate’s powerpoints and “grade” it by providing  a star-rating, 1 out of 4 (4 stars being the highest rating).  Provide a brief and respectful explanation for your score.   The purpose of this part of the exercise is to provide constructive criticism to help one another.  

Your PowerPoint will be graded as follows:

  • Content:    60%
  • Clarity:      20%  (Proper vocabulary, grammar, and spelling)
  • Citations:  10%
  • Creativity:  10% (design, images, videos, etc.)