Self-Reflection Response

  • Go back to the document, SC Literacy Competencies for Reading Coaches, from Session One.
  • Read over each of the Coaching      Standards, Elements, and Competencies.
  • Rate yourself on each of the      Competencies:
    • 3 – Sustaining
    • 2 – Developing
    • 1 – Beginning
  • Look across your scores for      each Competency and think about where you are in your coaching in terms of      the Standard.
  • Choose two of the Standards and      write an approximately 500-word reflection of where you are in your      coaching in terms of each of the Standards, considering your scores on the      Competencies for each Standard. Include your strengths and weaknesses.

You do not have to turn in a copy of your scores. Just upload the reflection. Be sure to cite at least three references to the resources provided in this session in your response.