I. Seminar Option: Students are required to develop a research proposal on a new topic 

using primary literature sources 

Research Proposal Development

– To conduct a literature search on a biology-related 

topic and propose scientific aims under the supervision of a mentor in a bioscience-related 

field, submit a research proposal. NOTE: Previous term papers are not acceptable.

Read a minimum of ten scientific articles from primary literature

Prepare a research proposal (10 pages) using scientific format and listing papers 

cited in an appropriate scientific citation format references no older than 2017 (MLA not acceptable

Evaluation (written paper)

Format (see syllabus & D2L) 

How deep the research topic is investigated?

Introduction provides enough background to readers

Hypothesis / Objectives in research are described 

Major materials and methods used in research (research articles) are described

Results or concepts in the primary papers are summarize concisely 

Discussions and conclusions including your visions in the field you researched are 

described rationally 

There are ten or more peer- review scientific articles (All should be primary papers-

no Wikipedia, no websites, and no government websites)

The papers/figures/tables are captioned and cited properly in the main text 

No copy from the reviews, primary articles, websites, etc. In other words, 

paraphrase information, do not use direct quotes or plagiarism