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Part 1: Initial PostFor this discussion, you will be evaluating

 Part 1: Initial PostFor this discussion, you will be evaluating the marketing strategy for an existing consumer (B2C) product offering. As mentioned in your etext in Chapter 6, “offerings are products and services designed to deliver value to customers – either to fulfill their needs, satisfy their “wants,” or both.”

  1. Choose a consumer product or service that you have not yet used in this course.
    Identify the product or service, and provide a description of the core product (features and benefits), as well as the needs and wants that this product seeks to satisfy.
  2. Which product category is this offering part of?
  3. Is it part of a product line for the firm? If so, please describe.
  4. Is this product or service a:
    • Convenience offering
    • Shopping offering
    • Specialty offering
    • Unsought offering
  5. Evaluate the brand name. Is it part of a family brand, or does this product have its own brand name? Copy/paste any brand identifiers (picture, design, or symbols).
  6. Identify competitors to this product.
  7. How is this product priced relative to its competitors? Based on this, what would you say is the firm’s pricing objectives?
    • Maximize profits
    • Maximize sales
    • Maximize market share
    • Maintain status quo with competitors
  8. Which distribution channels does the firm utilize to get this product to consumers?
  9. Which elements of the promotional mix does the firm utilize to communicate about this product?
  10. How successful do you feel this product is?
  11. Playing the role of marketing consultant, what one change would you recommend to this firm which could serve to enhance its success?

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