WK6: SEC 10-K Presentation Peer Review

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Participating in the Peer Review process serves four purposes:

  1. Each student has an opportunity to learn about another corporation.
  2. Provide detailed and constructive feedback that includes at least one item for improvement.
  3. Seeing how other students approached the project may provide insight for you to improve your project.
  4. At your discretion, you have an opportunity to edit your project before submitting it for a grade.

Discussion Requirements

  1. To participate in the SEC 10-K peer review process, post a draft of your PowerPoint File as a response to this discussion topic. Post the draft by the 4th day of the week.
  2. Ask for and provide detailed and constructive to at least two of your classmates who do not yet have any comments by the 7th day of the week. The goal is to have all students receive two sets of comments on their work.
  3. You may provide additional comments to other students after your 2 required comment. (I highly encourage you to read/post on as many as you can to help each other out as well as learn from each other.