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Step 1 Consider the case study. After graduating from college

Step 1 Consider the case study.

After graduating from college with a degree in nursing, Andy finds a solid job, gets married, and has two sons. Twelve years later, he moves to a position at another hospital promising him steady advancement within its managerial ranks. A devoted family man, Andy admires his wife’s dedication to raising their boys. But he also observes that his sons, approaching their teen years, benefit greatly from his fatherly friendship and counsel- especially as they approach what he and his wife realize could prove to be a difficult transitional period in their upbringing. So he has made a commitment to spend plenty of time with them, playing baseball and helping with their schoolwork. But he also loves his work, and does well at it. It has become apparent that to advance rapidly up the managerial ranks at this hospital, he should obtain a graduate degree. A nearby university offers the degree in an evening-and-weekend program that would allow him to continue full-time employment, but would soak up his free time for the next several years and throw most of the family activities into his wife’s hands.

Step 2 In your original post, address the following questions relating to the dialogue.

Assume the perspective of Andy within this scenario. In keeping with Andy’s point of view, address the following:

  • Define the concept of reasonableness.
  • Where should Andy focus his attention? Why?
  • How do you believe someone like Andy is capable of incorporating non-rational mental processes into his critical thought? How are we able to engage in this intense level of cognition?
  • What rational and emotional principles are at work in your view?

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