1. What were American and British strategies for winning the war? What were the chief challenges the Americans faced in mounting the war, and how did they affect military strategy? What were the constraints on the British in waging a war on American soil? (Two paragraphs)
  2. Which Americans believed a stronger central government was needed, and why? What were the compromises they made in writing the Constitution?
  3. Describe the political philosophies of the Federalists and Antifederalists.
  4. Which group was more democratic, the Federalists or Antifederalists? Or were they democratic (or undemocratic) in different ways?
  5. What was the Whiskey Rebellion? How did it reflect larger tensions in the early republic?
  6. What argument was Thomas Paine making in Common Sense?
  7. What were the key elements of Hamilton’s fiscal and economic policies?
  8. Why did political parties emerge during Washington’s administration? How did the two parties differ, and why was the conflict between them so intense? (Two paragraphs)