Are you an Avocado or An Artichoke?

The purpose of this discussion assignment is to reflect upon your understanding of the two main philosophical approaches to the self. After completing your readings, write a 1-2 page comparing and contrasting the avocado/modernist idea of the self with the artichoke/postmodern view. 

As you develop your response, you might find some of the following questions to be relevant:

  • What is the avocado idea of the self? What is your understanding of Plato and Aristotle’s belief that reason is the core essence of human beings?
  • What is the artichoke idea of the self? What is your understanding of the existential idea that our existence determines our essence?
  • What do you make of the concern that the avocado idea of the self values reason over emotion? What are the implications of this view for women?
  • Are you an avocado or an artichoke? Or do you find the non-Western views of the self to be more compelling?

Submission Detail

  • Remember to use supporting citations from the textbook (Roots of Wisdom: A Tapestry of Philosophical Traditions )and lectures in correct APA citation.
  •  Submit your response to the above discussion topic as your initial post to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.
  • After you post your initial submission, you must respond to at least two of your classmates, and to the professor when appropriate, by the end of the week, on at least two different days of the week.