What Makes a Good Relationship Good

Choose two of the following prompts and write 750-1,000 words for each prompt. For each prompt, you will need to choose a different theory or set of concepts to address that come from class readings or lectures/discussions throughout the semester.

1. If people only knew [communication theory/concept], then they would have enduringly good workplace relationships.

2. If people only knew [communication theory/concept], then they would have enduringly good romantic relationships.

3. If people only knew [communication theory/concept], then they would have enduringly good friendships.

4. If people only knew [communication theory/concept], then they would have enduringly good family relationships.

Six scholarly references needed (three for each section).

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite to check for plagiarism. 


Read Chapters 13-14 in Reflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication.


Read “Computer-Mediated Communication With Distant Friends: Relations With Adjustment During Students’ First Semester in College,” by Ranney & Troop-Gordon, from Journal of Educational Psychology (2012).


Read “Associations Between Online Friendship and Internet Addiction Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults,” by Smahel, Brown, & Blinka, from Developmental Psychology (2012).


Read “In the Eye of the Beholder: Perceived, Actual, and Peer-Rated Similarity in Personality, Communication, and Friendship Intensity During the Acquaintanceship Process,” by Selfhout, Denissen, Branje, & Meeus, from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2009).


For additional information, the following is recommended: “From the Love of Friends to the Love of Strangers: Reflections on Friendship and Discipleship” by Toth, from Baptistic Theologies (2015).


 For additional information, the following is recommended: “Where Is the Love? The Disruptive Possibilities of Women’s Friendships as Participation in the Triune God” by Chilton Thompson, from Perspectives in Religious Studies (2018).


For additional information, the following is recommended: “Friends Without Benefits: Understanding the Dark Sides of Workplace Friendship” by Pillemer, & Rothbard, from Academy of Management Review (2018).


 For additional information, the following is recommended: “How Remote Workers Make Work Friends” by Schinoff, Ashforth, & Corley, from Harvard Business Review Digital Articles (2019).