Capítulo 6 (192-193) presents the preterite tense of regular verbs, and verbs with spelling changes in the preterite. Spanish speakers use the preterite tense to describe what occurred in the past.


Paso 1

  • Go to pages 192-193 to review the Preterite Tense. Then, do Paso 2.

Paso 2

  • Next, write a mini composition (at least 15 complete sentences, in SPANISH) in the Preterite Tense. Write about what you did last summer (¿Qué hiciste el verano pasado).
  • For instance: El verano pasado hice muchas actividades al aire libre con mis amigos. Visité la playa todos los fines de semana. También nadé en el mar. Por la tarde comí en restaurantes hípsters. Etc.
  • Pick at least TWELVE regular verbs in the preterite and THREE verbs with spelling changes in the preterite to write about what you did last summer. Do not usethe verb GUSTAR at all. Use vocabulary words, expressions, and verbs you have learned up to this chapter to move your story forward. In addition, I am attaching a list of words you can use as transitional words like next, following, then, later, etc.Actions