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For this assignment, compare and contrast the codes of ethics from two different professional organizations. You can use any from the optional resources list, find your own, or use one from the organization you work for. It just needs to be an existing code of ethics from an organization related to communication.

Your paper must be 4 in length and should address the following components APA format:

  1. Describe two professional codes of ethics related to digital and mediated communication and provide your rationale for choosing them. Be sure to provide the link to each professional code as well.
  2. Analyze existing professional codes of ethics for common themes that apply to digital and mediated communication.
  3. Based on these common themes, develop your own list of three to five ethical guidelines or “best practices” with references to where you have obtained this information.
  4. Justify the inclusion of each ethical guideline and provide appropriate examples to support your rationale.