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Read the case and answer the following questions in detail

1. How significant is P7S1’s IT to achieving strategic goals?Have Information Technologies played a facilitating or supporting role in terms of strategy
2. How “Digital” Is PS71 Interface to the Customer?
3. How P7S1 will create revenue from future business operations?What P7S1 future business scope be?
4. Who is in charge of P7S1 digital transformation endeavor?Is P7S1 planning to integrate new operations into existing structures or create separate entities?

 5. Do P7S1 need to acquire new competencies? If so, how it is planning to acquire them?

6. How strong is the financial pressure on P7S1 current core business?How P7S1 is financing its digital transformation endeavour?


  • The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.
  • Word Count: 2500-3000 words.