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Select one of these topics to summarize and discuss. These topics explore clinical standards, disease-specific assessments, and risk assessment tools, as well as evidence-based practice for cardiovascular pathology topics for this section. Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed resources.

  • Heart Failure Evidence-Based Practice and Treatment Standards for Either Systolic, Diastolic, or Mixed Heart Failure (Systolic and Diastolic)
  • New York Heart Association Classes of Heart Failure
  • Boston Heart Failure Criteria
  • Framingham Cardiac Risk
  • Heart Failure Survival Score
  • HEART Score
  • CHADS-Vasc 2 Score for Atrial Fibrillation
  • TIMI Risk for STEMI and NSTEMI
  • Any Other Standardized Cardiac Assessment or Risk Prevention Scales
  • Address Hospice Cardiac-Specific Qualifying Diagnosis