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Some weeks you will be reading named journal articles that you will need to located in Amberton’s EBSCO Library search area. Link to Library Site: 

Please become familiar with this process during week 1 and make sure to read the assigned articles in conjunction with viewing the videos (in weeks that include video links) to maximize your success in the course. If you need assistance in locating the digital articles in our library search area please review the video tutorial on this process or contact one of our library staff who will be delighted to assist you.  

Read Harvard Business Review Article: The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy

 Article: McGrath, Rita Gunther. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles. 1/19/2012, p1-3. 3p. , Database: Business Source Complete 

 Please review the video for this week and the article you are required to read, then write a post including 3 specific insights you gained from the video and article. Use at least one peer-reviewed, scholarly journal as a supporting source for your post. You may use the peer-reviewed article that is listed for the required readings if you like. The post should be between 250 and 500 words. 


Link to the video