Watch the following videos for a quick explanation of some personality theories and personality measurement. 

Bandura- Bobo Doll Experiment

Freud & Projective Tests

Measuring Personality

After reading in Chapter 11 about the different theories of personality development, identify and describe which theory or theories has had the greatest influence on you and how.  Discuss which one or ones you can relate to because of your own personality (e.g. biological, psychodynamic, social-cognitive, humanistic, etc). For example, I believe that Freud is validated by his theory because my childhood experiences have shaped my personality today. Make sure to explain each theory in detail, so that I know you understand it. Identify a theory with which you disagree and why, including enough detail to show that you know and understand the theory. Use your textbook. Remember to cite any source in APA format and include your references at the end of your 2 paragraph post.  

Breakdown of Personality Theories