Your department’s leadership, to improve community/ police relations, is examining the effectiveness of body camera technology in law enforcement. Your Captain has the task to gather data on camera technology and how it is used in contemporary policing. He must present his findings to the command staff in three weeks. The Captain has tapped you as the resident expert on using body cameras in law enforcement. You are instructed to research the body camera issue and gather information on best practices and policies. Your Captain is particularly interested in how body cameras affect police decision-making during enforcement? What is the effect body cameras have on citizens’ complaints? What are the logistical issues associated with housing recordings and storing the technology? How was criminal behavior (if any) impacted after implementing body cameras? What concerns did union leadership have with implementing body camera technologies?

Your research must consist of four to six articles, publications (books), peer review documents on the use of body cameras in policing. The articles must be no more than ten years old. Wikipedia is not a reliable source for this assignment. You must use step 1, as demonstrated in the assigned video, to separate your sources and summaries. Then, you must submit those two documents to me via Canvas. Remember, one is a list of your citations and a list of paragraphs associated with each source.