When I first read the prompt for this discussion, I immediately thought of two competing fast food restaurants. The two restaurants I chose to identify are Subway and McDonalds. It is known that the two businesses have a huge presence on social media. They both understand the importance of engagement. Subway has 2.2 Million followers, while McDonalds has 4.4 Million. 

Most of the tweets that I observed from the two companies were witty and engaging. An example from McDonald’s would be a tweet that asks followers to reply with a finger pinching emoji to steel a fry. The tweet showed a photo of their fries. A witty tweet from Subway stated, “Don’t bite the hand that sneaks you a Footlong after your aunt burns the holiday roast #SundayProverbs”. 

Both companies do a great job of of engaging customers, but I would say that McDonald’s is top notch. Their tweets are so “catchy”. The tweet less often than Subway does, but I believe that they do a better job at engagement. I think that it can be seen in the number of followers that they have too. Their post quality photos that make their food look phenomenal.