The purpose of this assignment is to develop a two-day onboarding training program within an organization that excludes the new hire/transfer paperwork (i.e., benefits, administration, and payroll).

create a PowerPoint presentation 5–10 slides, including the cover slide, introduction, conclusion, and references, that addresses the following:

  1. Discuss the potential training needs within an organization (Home Depot).
  2. Determine the content/training objectives, technology, delivery methods, facilitators, training (knowledge sharing), assimilation practices (team-building activities), and any other pertinent content.

A.  Content/Training objectives

a.  Objectives

b.  Technology

c.  Delivery Methods

d.  Facilitators

e.  Training/Knowledge sharing

f.  Team building activities

g.  Other

Incorporate 3 references to support your presentation. These references should provide support/justification for HR actions as they relate to onboarding and the assimilation process.

You are required to submit your presentation with speaker notes.