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At a minimum, read the excerpts printed in blue on the top of pages 3 and 5 of C. Wright Mills’ classic “The Sociological Imagination”.  . Then answer the discussion prompt below.

Wright Mills identifies the central task of sociology to be grasping the relationships between history (including memorable societal events, social forces, and large scale upheavals) and biography (how our own lives play out).

To fully explore this idea, identify a social phenomenon that occurred sometime in your childhood or early adulthood that you think has shaped your biography and influenced who you are. This can be an historical event, a cultural trend, a feature of the economy, a political event or issue, or a social issue. (For example, a Baby Boomer – born between 1946 and 1961 – might say the Vietnam War or the sexual revolution was an important personal influence.)

Briefly describe the phenomenon you have chosen and specifically discuss how it has influenced your life.

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