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Please provide feedback to the below. 500 words or more

 Please provide feedback to the below. 500 words or more – double spaced APA Style. Must be a substantial and meaningful feedback.  


Oftentimes global corporations will send senior leaders to their foreign subsidiaries as a means to develop the employee or to gain experience in a global setting.  Whatever the reason, the length of time spent abroad certainly requires an extensive training program.  An effective training program will provide the expat with plenty of skills and knowledge depending on how challenging the assignment is and how rigorous the program. 

Longer programs require extensive experimental learning, interacting wit the host country, and language training.  There are several ways in which the training programs can take place.  First, there is something called documentary training which is both learning via textbook and classroom instruction.  The main focus in cultural differences.  Then there is cultural simulation training which teaches about the do’s and don’ts of the host country.  Finally, there is field simulation training, and this is where the expat and their family are placed into survival training mode.  They are placed in a neighborhood that has a similar background to the destination they will be assigned, and they are allowed to experience what it would be like to live in this type of environment once they move to the assigned country.

According to the (Harvard Business Review 1999). Some companies rely on human resources to take on the responsibility of expat selection, training, and support although only few HR managers have worked abroad.  However, when it comes to performance it takes a concerted effort of managers, human resources, peers, and sometimes clients to ensure performance standards are being met. 

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