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Watch this: Write brief answers to the following (this

 Watch this:

Write brief answers to the following (this should take 100 words or less, total):

1. Where is this?

2. How do you know this?

3. What else do you know about the setting?

4. How do you know this?

5. What do you think the woman in pink does for a living?

6. Why do you think this?

7. What happened to the man in the wheel chair (and where did it happen?)?

8. How do you know this?

9. What does he do for a living?

10. How do you know this?

11. What is his relationship to the woman/the photo on the magazine cover?

12. How do you know this?

13. What writing, if any, appears in this scene, and what is its importance?


Now, write at least 100 additional words- or whatever is required to reach 200 total- responding in any way at all to this brief, very famous clip from an influential film made long before any of us were born. One main rule for all of this writing: you may not ever say “I,” “we,” “you,” or in any way write in the first or second person voice. Furthermore, you may never refer to a film director or audience (or any other author/technician/creator of this piece of art). Find another way to write in an objective third person voice about this clip. Seek out evidence-based, declarative and/or descriptive sentences (look up those words if unfamiliar to you). Observations of what is actually in the scene– not your speculations on what it ‘could mean’ or ‘might be’. It could be something you hear, it could be what is suggested in the ways the camera moves or when it points at specific things. But focus on the things actually happening and present only in what the scene provides. Imagine there was no film crew or camera at all even, if that helps. Find a way!

200+ words minimum total

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