Here are real life scenarios that you may be placed in as you progress in your management career.  Look at the following incidents and determine how you would approach them.

Background: The company that you work for does not have a written policy regarding accepting gifts from vendors. You have discretion on what  you will accept without consequences from your manager.  What would you do in the following scenarios?

1. You are in a business meeting with a vendor.  The vendor invites you to lunch.  Would you accept the invitation?  Why or why not?

2.. At a dinner party with a vendor, the vendor offers your some Laker tickets.  The tickets are for one of the suites at Staples center.  Do you accept?  Why or why not?

3.  A vendor that you have dealt with for many years wants to take you to a fishing trio to Mexico.  The vendor will bear all of the expenses incurred during the trip.  Do you accept?  Why or why not?

4.  Your company is looking to relocate your factory to a different state. You visit several states to determine costs, labor pool, and incentives.  One of the states offers you an all expense paid trio to the Super Bowl.  Do you accept?  Why or why not?