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Please use the Sales Career Exploration Project Template

Actions to guide you in gathering the information you need and drafting your responses. 

The learning objective of this individual project is for you to explore the role of sales within an organization. You will distinguish between the types of sales jobs in B2C and B2B, explore the most common selling activities which salespeople perform within each type, and recognize differences by industry. You will also explore job requirements, salaries, benefits, and advancement opportunities within the field of sales. This project will:

  • Introduce you to the professional and business world in various industries
  • Increase your knowledge of sales career options
  • Improve your ability to make better career decisions
  • Start connecting in LinkedIn with companies you are interested in exploring further.
  • Encourage you to plan future courses based on future goals

Your exploration will consist of researching the sales profession at least ten (10) of the companies that sponsor the Global Sales Program – $6 points each -. 

Here is a list of Current Global Sales Program Sponsors. 

ActionsThe research will consist of:

  1. Visiting the company website and gathering information about the company’s customers, products/services, and overall value propositions.
  2. Connect with LinkedIn to at least one person working for each company.
  3. If a Global Sales Lab Training Room sponsor, you might want to try visiting the room in the Sales Lab.
  4. Identifying a sales position within the company and analyzing the job description, which includes job requirements, salary, benefits, and overall responsibilities; and
  5. Synthesizing your findings into the key lessons learned in the research ($20 points) and how this assignment and the process you went through connect to the course ($20 points)

You will use the Microsoft Word Part 1 Template to guide you in formulating your submission. Be sure to review the template before you begin your research, so you know what you are looking for in your exploration process.