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We’ve covered a few very important characteristics of good writing

 We’ve covered a few very important characteristics of good writing this week: How to write effective sentences and paragraphs, avoiding common errors, documenting your sources, and thinking critically as you write. Now, here’s a scenario that will allow you to practice what you’ve learned.

For any writer, telling one’s life story in three paragraphs can be a challenge, but an exciting one.

Initial Post Requirements

For this reflection, write an initial post composed of three sections:

  1. Your life story in roughly three full paragraphs.
  2. A reflection: What was challenging about writing your life story in three paragraphs? (one paragraph minimum)
  3. A Personal Writing Plan: With this assignment in mind, list some areas of written communication on which you’d like to focus in order to become a better writer.

Some areas for writing improvement include (but are not limited to):

  • grammar and punctuation
  • sentence structure
  • paragraph structure
  • organizing thoughts
  • using the best wording
  • writing with clarity

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