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Read Chapter 1 of the Anderson Text, paying specific attention

Read Chapter 1 of the Anderson Text, paying specific attention to the Design Box at the end of Section 1.8.

For this assignment, consider a twin-jet airplane like the Gulfstream G550. Assume the airplane weighs 91,000 lb, has a wing reference area is 1,137 ft2, and is flying at an altitude of 41,000 ft. The Drag Coefficient (CD) for this airplane is a Function of the Lift Coefficient (CL) and the CD Function given for this airplane is: CD = 0.0165 + 0.078 CL2.

You will develop a 6-9 page (minimum of 3 Full Pages of Narrative) Short Paper following APA 7th Edition Style and Formatting Rules (no abstract required). At a minimum, your short paper should include the following:

  • An introduction providing an overview of your observations of the values of CL, CD, and L/D with respect to the varying flight Velocities (V?)
  • Based on this information, discuss implications of these figures
    • Discuss your estimate of the Maximum Velocity
    • Discuss your estimate of the Ideal Cruise Speed
    • Discuss how this Ideal Cruise Speed relates to Maximum Endurance
  • Conclude by sharing your thoughts how this information is important to an understanding of Aerodynamics
  • Appendices displaying your Table and Graph(s) of the plotted figures

Suggestion: Start by making a table in Microsoft Excel with the Velocities from 150 ft/s to 1150 ft/s in 50 ft/sincrements. Then add columns for the CL, CD, and L/D. Make Excel do the calculations for you. Now the information should be displayed in a table for easy analysis. Excel can also be used to make a graph showing all of these results in a graph (this table and graph(s) should be added as your Appendices).

Your Short Paper should include At Least 3 Scholarly References (one of which can be our Course Text).

The following Short Paper Format Must be Followed!

  • Title Page (Page 1)
  • Narrative Pages (Pages 2 through 4 to 6, no Abstract Required)
  • Reference Page(s)
  • Appendices (Last Pages)

Review the Short Paper Grading Rubric below for additional information on the grading criteria. And Please take advantage of the attached APA 7th Edition Short Paper Template that has much of the required APA 7th Edition style and formatting already accomplished! While this should all be current and accurate, the 7th Edition of the APA Publication Manual supersedes any style or formatting (Please let me know if you discover any discrepancies).

Short Paper Grading Rubric:

  • Intro and Conclusion: 15 Points
  • Main Content Discussion:
    • Discussion Maximum Velocity: 20 Points
    • Ideal Cruise Speed: 20 Points
    • Maximum Endurance: 20 Points
  • APA Style and Format: 10 Points
  • Grammar: 10 Points
  • References/Citations: 5 Points

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word Document with the file name as follows: SPST615-ShortPaper-LastFirst Initial (i.e., SPST615-ShortPaper-DoeJ.docx)

While figures or tables with pictures, charts, or graphs are welcomed within the narrative portion of your paper when they enhance your information, they DO NOT contribute to the minimum number of narrative pages required and should follow APA 7th Edition Style and Formatting Rules.

In-text citations MUST BE USED be used and have corresponding references in accordance with APA Style and Formatting Rules! Generally speaking, most every paragraph should have At Least one in-text citation to substantiate your information. Your paper must include At Least 3 Scholarly References.

Wikipedia IS NOT a scholarly source and is an inappropriate reference for college-level work.

A Note on Direct Quotes: This is a Graduate-Level class. Direct Quotes should be used sparingly (only when absolutely necessary to maintain the original meaning), if at all, in a paper this short. Paraphrasing (with in-text citations) is preferred as this substantiates your thoughts and ideas while demonstrating your ability to analyze and evaluate the information you are researching, still crediting your sources (vs. your ability to copy and paste). Over-Quoting will result in a grade reduction.

Remember, you are following APA 7th Edition Style and Formatting Rules. Every citation listed in your text MUSThave a corresponding reference on your reference page. In as such, every reference listed on your reference page should have At Least 1 corresponding in-text citation!

Assignment Feedback: Be sure to return to this Assignment Page after grading to review feedback on your Work!

This Short Paper contributes up to 6%toward your Final Grade.

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