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1. Identify the main Spanish American colonial settlements of the 1500s and 1600s, and the motives for establishing them 

2. Describe the economic, political, and social circumstances of Spanish colonization in the Americas 

3. Describe the “Black Legend” as it relates to Spain and other European nations 

4. How might these writings above have been used to promote the “Black Legend” against Spain as well as subsequent English exploration and colonization? 

5. Describe the development and circumstances of the French colonies in North America 

6. According to this account, how did Native Americans attempt to cure disease? Why did they prescribe a game of lacrosse? What benefits might these games have for the sick? 

7. Describe the development and circumstances of the Dutch colonies in North America 

8. Describe the development of English colonization in the Americas, including the attempted settlement at Roanoke 

9. Describe the settlement of Plymouth and contrast it with the settlement of the Chesapeake Bay colonies 

10. Discuss the impact of Puritanism on the government and social structure of the Massachusetts Bay Colony 

11.  Describe how Europeans addressed their labor problems 

12.  Describe the mistreatment of enslaved peoples and its lasting influence