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“Integrating Care for People With Co-Occurring Alcohol and Other Drug,


“Integrating Care for People With Co-Occurring Alcohol and Other Drug, Medical, and Mental Health Conditions” by Sterling, Chi, and Hinman. This week, you studied various theories and models of addiction and learned about the human body’s reaction to substances. With all the scientific knowledge we now have about addiction, why is there more than one etiology of addiction? What are some of those etiologies, including those that are Bible-based? How can an addiction counselor effectively contribute to the treatment of a client working with other healthcare professionals during their recovery process?

This discussion question meets the following NASAC Standards:

64) Contribute as a member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.

76) Establish a helping relationship with the client characterized by warmth, respect, genuineness, concreteness, and empathy.

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