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View the presentation below before completing the assignment. Complex Numbers

 View the presentation below before completing the assignment. 

 Complex Numbers presentation 


  • Answer the questions listed below.
  • Show all steps for partial credit.
  • When uploading handwritten work, it is important that you write  legibly and to turn the work in using a format that can be easily read  by your instructors. PDF is the preferred format.
  • Find the polar form of the following phasors:
    1. 10 + j5
    2. 3 – j6
    3. 15 + j25
    4. 24 + j30
    5. 36 – j18
    6. 100 + j250
    7. 300 – j250
    8. 820 + j320
    9. 241 – j520
    10. 265 – j 450

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