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-Demonstrates that you understand the arguments presented in the texts;

-Makes the “working life” text central to the analysis;

-Makes meaningful and significant use of outside sources, including data;

-Successfully figures something out about the specific topic you’ve chosen and contributes to the existing knowledge about your subject.(i successfully figured out that i can use this to become a better leader on a construction site)                                                        

—–Being a leader on a construction site I figure out how to become a better leader by understanding you have to lead people differently, until I watch this video I did not understand why I had to. use the video and write an analysis on why, when you are in charge of people on a construction site it is important to understand you have to learn how to bring the best out of people. for example the rebels at the job site will not come to meetings but if i need rebels to show up i might do something like bring donuts to the meetings, something along those lines and write an analysis on the video