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Read the following article titled: Cross-Generational Networking Is A Win-Win For Employees And Their Organization. So Why Don’t We Do It?. (hyperlinked). In the article, the author states that “bridging the generation gap will occur when we are open to learning from others and understanding that we don’t always have all the answers.” 

Reflect upon that statement as you draft out some responses to the questions below: 

●  What practical approaches will you integrate into your leadership role in order to manage multigenerational employees in the workplace?

●  What are the best methods you plan to use for overcoming multigenerational challenges such as ageism, communication style, and negative stereotypes?

●  How do you plan on providing individualized feedback to each generation in a way they will find most valuable? 

●  When communicating with other leaders about multigenerational employee makeup, what impacts to business and strategy execution will you highlight in your discussions?

Need 4-5 pages with peer-reviewed citations.