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The focus of this project is for you to “present”

The focus of this project is for you to “present” a very brief overview of the Conflict
Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal Assignment in the form of a PowerPoint. Although you will not
be presenting the PowerPoint “live” your focus should be the presentation of your Conflict
Resolution: Part 5 – PowerPoint Assignment to the professor and fellow classmates. You
should create an informative and graphical PowerPoint Presentation based upon your Conflict
Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal Assignment. Additionally, you should use animations,
transitions, and graphics to reflect graduate level research.
You should give a brief overview of the organization and the conflict in the organization.  
Additionally, you should briefly introduce the research that lead you to the theory (ies)
(conceptualization) you plan on using for your plan of action.  Also discuss your action plan, the
effect of the action plan on the parties involved, and how your plan of action should cause
positive change.  Conclude your Conflict Resolution: Part 5 – PowerPoint Assignment
presentation with thoughts on using conflict resolution/management in criminal justice

Items to include are outlined as follows:
 Length of assignment is 8 to 12 slides
o Excluding title slide and reference section slide(s)
o Each slide must have 100 to 150 words of speaker notes
 Format of reference is the current version of APA  
 Number of citations – Minimum guideline is 5 scholarly sources and the Holy
Bible reference.  

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