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TREATMENT PLAN Introduction For this assignment, you will continue working




For this assignment, you will continue working with the same client from the Client Assessment and Treatment Plan for whom you conducted a biopsychosocial assessment in Week 7. Complete all components of the Treatment Plan form, found in the Client Assessment and Treatment Plan media, for your client. When details from the case are vague or missing, you are encouraged to elaborate and add to the case to create a richer client picture.

This assignment is intended to mimic the treatment plan that you would develop for a client. It is a culmination of the work you began with your previous assignments.

A treatment plan is completed in the first few sessions with a client. It is usually developed collaboratively with the client. The treatment plan outlines the client’s diagnosis along with strategies and interventions for addressing the diagnosis. It includes short- and long-term treatment goals that have been mutually agreed upon by the counselor and the client. The treatment plan should be regularly revisited and updated during the course of treatment. If you have never written or seen a treatment plan, please research examples online. 

This assignment is not a traditional paper like you have written in other courses. A few things to note:

While you would not be citing professional literature throughout a typical treatment plan, for this assignment, you should support your statements with frequent references to peer-reviewed journal articles from the past 5 years.

Provide APA formatted in-text citations and list all references used in the Reference field of the form.

Remember that your work for this assignment should be written primarily in your own words. Avoid cutting and pasting information from the case into your report; it is better to find a way to summarize this information in your own words.


To complete the assignment, fill out all fields of the Treatment Plan form for the same client you selected to study in the biopsychosocial assessment. Incorporate a comprehensive discussion of the following areas: 

Provide a diagnosis. 

Instruments or screens that could be used to facilitate the diagnosis.

DSM-5 Sexual Dysfunctions diagnosis.

Differential diagnosis.

Potential legal considerations associated with the client, situation, or diagnosis.

Note: Since you are not a seasoned mental health professional as of yet, you will not be graded on misdiagnosis.

Describe short- and long-term treatment goals to address the diagnosis.

Provide a theory-based rationale for these goals.

Describe strategies designed to promote optimal sexual functioning.

Explain why these strategies are most appropriate for dealing with the client’s identified issues regarding sexuality.

Support your recommendations with relevant human sexuality research findings.

Briefly describe three evidence-based systemic counseling interventions designed to promote optimal sexual functioning.

Support your recommendations with relevant human sexuality research findings.

Your resulting written report should be concise, balanced, and logically organized, and conform to APA format for references and in-text citations.

Use a minimum of five articles no more than 5 years old from peer-reviewed journals in the counseling or related professions. You may use your textbook, but it does not count as one of your five scholarly resources. You are also encouraged to utilize more than five resources, if they aid in developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

Incorporate references as appropriate into fields of the form via in-text citations.

List all references used in the References field.

Submission Requirements

To complete this assignment:

Fill in all the boxes on the Treatment Plan form.

Download your report as an .RTF file.

This is a generic word processing file that you can open in Word and revise, if needed.

After opening the file in Word, you may save it with a .doc or .docx extension.

Once the assignment is finalized and all edits have been made, submit the final version to your instructor for grading using the following file naming format: Your_Name_WeekNumber_Assignment_Title (for example: Ima_Learner_week9_Treatment_Plan).

You are required to submit a draft of your assignment to SafeAssign prior to submitting it for grading. Submit your work as a draft and use the report generated by SafeAssign to check for any necessary edits.

Visit SafeAssign on Campus to see more information and instructions for using SafeAssign. 

Submit your Treatment Plan to the Week 9 assignment area.

Verify you have reviewed your SafeAssign draft report by providing the following comment in the assignment area: “I verify that I have reviewed the SafeAssign draft report for this assignment and this work meets academic honesty expectations.”

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