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How do social workers apply a strengths-based and person-in-environment perspective


How do social workers apply a strengths-based and person-in-environment perspective to different populations and social problems? First, social workers assess the identified client and the client’s environment, recognizing that the interaction between person and environment may be creating or contributing to the problem. Depending on the assessment, the target for change may be the person and/or the environment. Second, social workers assess client strengths and then utilize those strengths during the change process. A strengths-based perspective asserts that all individuals, families, groups, and communities have strengths.

As a BSW social worker, you may be placed in the role of case manager, and this week’s assignment will help you consider that role when working with a specific population.

 2 pages

  • Define “generalist practice” using your own words, supporting the ideas and concepts of the definition with citations to the course readings.
  • Briefly describe a population and/or problem you might work with as a social worker.
  • Explain the role of a case manager with this population and/or problem.
  • Explain how a case manager could apply the person-in-environment perspective with this population.
  • Explain how a case manager could apply a strengths-based perspective with this population.
  • Apply concepts and material from this week’s resources 
    • Support your application of this week’s resources using APA citations and a reference page.

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