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Use the instructions below and write on this topic Should

Use the instructions below and write on this topic Should Abortion Be Banned? 200 words in MLA format. 24 hours

 For your initial post, you will need to review all of the learning materials in Lesson 1, especially the  “Classical Argument and Toulmin Argument Terms,” to analyze the Classical Argument you composed in Unit 1. Your goal is to identify examples in your work that correspond to the following elements from the Toulmin method of argument analysis.

  • Claim
  • Qualifiers
  • Grounds
  • Warrants
  • Backing
  • Rebuttal

Several of these elements appeared in your Classical Argument under different names. Qualifiers, Warrants, and Backing are new, and your learning materials this week give you many examples to help you understand what they are. 

For your initial post: 

  • Copy the list above and fill it in with examples from your Classical Argument work You might struggle to identify warrants and backing; however, you may have also incidentally included those.
  • If you cannot find one or more of the components above in your Classical Argument, explain how and where you can add it, and what kind of evidence you will need to do

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