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Section E: Pay-for-knowledge Plan

This section will outline your planned pay-for knowledge system. You should include the skill blocks you

have chosen to compensate. The best way to show this is using a skill grid that can be found in Chapter

4. Some things that should be included in this section are:

 A table explaining your skill grid. This table should contrast type of skill with the skill level.

 An explanation of how your organization would provide learning opportunities to utilize the


 How your organization would certify that a skill was valid to be compensated

 For this section, you will NOT need to price the skill blocks as we will do this in Phase 2


The report should be professional and include a title page, table of contents, as well as headings and

subheadings. Use an accessible font and appropriate formatting.

Group Performance

Your team must also define a performance appraisal system for your group members. The Procedure

for Determination of Individual Grades outlines the calculations for this process but your team must

develop a method to score the contributions of each member. Chapter 10 provides some good ideas for

how to develop such a system. Your team will submit your system and the assigned team grades along

with your report.