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Discussion/Response: Workplace Romance Policy

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If you were a business owner, what would your policy on workplace romances be and why?

Develop your discussion based on personal perspectives (and possible workplace experience) supported by materials gleaned from Lessons 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3.

A “well-developed policy” will highlight 4 or 5 guidelines with clear reasoning and details to support the guidelines. Give this some thought and work within the standard minimum 15 to 20 sentence framework. 

After you’ve completed your work, upload it, and review what your classmates have developed.  Respond to at least three of them. Are their policies totally different than what you created or have you found commonalities? Are you willing to adopt aspects of your classmates’ Workplace Romance Policy? Why? Why not?

(Review the rubric for details on how this assignment will be assessed.)