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BUILDING A COLLABORATIVE TEAM Collaboration leverages diverse perspectives and skills

Collaboration leverages diverse perspectives and skills and can promote creativity and productivity.”

– Morel, 2014, p. 3

As you review the contributions of your colleagues representing members of Mayor Keller’s task force in Module 2 Discussion 1, reflect on their perspectives and relevant data. Through this process, you will learn about the concerns of task force team members who have expertise in other educational specializations.

An essential element of change is collaboration among those working to initiate and implement that change. Taking in varying perspectives contributes to a fuller understanding of the issues facing Grand City and helps to address them more effectively. How might you build a collaborative team to promote creativity and productivity in the changes you are suggesting for your specialization and Grand City?

For this Discussion, you will develop a hypothetical, cross-specialization team to support you in initiating the changes you outlined in your action plan for this module’s Discussion 1.

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