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Lynn post

Empirical data is derived from verifiable evidence, meaning it cannot be skewed. Working in the veterinary field, there are many ways to do a study using empirical data. We are a specialty and emergency hospital. On most holidays, we will play “case bingo” to see what kinds of cases we will see in the emergency room. Through our collected experiences and the data on the most seen issues in the emergency room, we choose what will go on our bingo board for the day. This also depends on the holiday as well. It is like clockwork that Bingo is inevitably accomplished. The top 10 emergency cases that are seen are lacerations, gastrointestinal upset, respiratory distress, seizures, urinary obstruction, marijuana ingestion, limping, rat poison ingestion, foreign body (patient swallowed something that may cause GI obstruction), and Parvovirus. The veterinary emergency room generally sees up to 30 patients during a holiday. That is within a 24-hour period. 

Allision post

Empirical data is the data that comes from research. The collection of this data is important for scientists to ensure it is accurate. After doing some research on empirical data I found an example that I could apply to my own life. I am beginning to explore the world of Holistic medicine and a “less medicated” approach to wellness. These types of lifestyles are not common and do not have a ton of research on the effects however any type of FDA approved drug or medication does. It is risky to explore different herbs to be used for medication which is why I have ensured I am following individuals who I trust before using anything new on my family or myself. The empirical data could be helpful in this arena because it is not influenced by opinion or bias.