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Project Part B Use the Nightingale Crashes and Lags Template

Project Part B

Use the Nightingale Crashes and Lags Template attached here to complete this assignment.

Adjust the Gantt Chart that you already created for the Nightingale Project in the previous assignment to include all of the crashes and lags listed in the case below. (Notes: You do not need the project network diagram again for this assignment. You can copy-paste your previous Gantt chart into this template and then make adjustments to it.)

Prepare a report to be presented to the project team that answers the following questions:

Is it possible to meet the October 25, 2017 deadline with all of the duration reductions (crashes) and lags included?

What other factors should be considered before finalizing the schedule?

Read and complete the Nightingale Project Crashes and Lags case below.



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