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Description The goal of your investigation is to be able to describe specific architectural characteristics of your selected topic. Include Time frame Include the architect’s (names, dates, nationality, environmental aspects or individuals that influenced his/her work) Describe architectural materials, methods, styles, or details unique to the architect Provide example(s) of his/her work oDescribe architectural materials, methods, styles, or details unique to the building Describe any organizing principles of the design such as axis, grid, symmetry, horizontal or vertical How the building is located on the site, if that is significant. Is there any cultural significance of this building? How was the building used? Did that change over time? Explain terms, concepts, or methods that are unique to the style and structures Provide images of the structure. The content should be written in clear, concise, well written, detailed paragraphs. Have a minimum of 4 pages, not including the title page and reference page. Use images to support the written text. Insert pictures or diagrams into the text where appropriate. A full page of images does not count as part of the 4 page minimum.You have to use the USM library for your sources. You need to use the following type of sources:2 books 2 peer reviewed architectural journals 2 academic websites Include a reference page in MLA or APA Writing style format. Make sure you include all pictures in your reference page as well. Have a title page that provides: The topic (architect and building)Research Paper.