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Barbie v. Hairspray: Gender, Beauty, and Race

Thesis: Both Barbie and Hairspray are cultural phenomena that helped shape this generation and the way we perceive gender, beauty, and race; by comparing and contrasting these two phenomena, one can see that while both were incredibly influential, Barbie perpetrated gender stereotypes while Hairspray changed the way we look at gender in relation to beauty and race.

Paragraph 1:


Barbie for most of its creation idolized the white woman

Hairspray focused on the beauty within other cultures and the beauty within them

Ex for barbie: check email from Emily

Ex for hairspray:

Paragraph 2:


Barbie focused on blue eyes, blond hair, thin waist

Hairspray focused on tracy and her completely different body

Paragraph 3:


Similar in terms that women cooked, cleaned, and pleased men

Barbie has branched out to let children know that they can have any job they want

Tracy broke away from that and fought her way to tv

Tracy was not shy and protested whites


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