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Length: Part 1 is a 1500‐word essay (approximately 6 double‐spaced pages, not including cover page or reference pages).

Due: When you have completed Unit 5.
This activity covers materials learned in Part 2 of the course content, Units 4 and 5.

Part 1: Essay

This assignment requires you to write critical review essay using learning drawn from the course materials, that is, the assigned readings, excluding the Study Guide. It builds on the pedagogical approach developed in Part 1 of the course. The essay should cite several of the most important ideas from the assigned readings and bring additional support to bear that your research has identified.

The essay must make use of the course materials to answer one the following questions:

1. Discuss the Elizabethan Poor Law, Charity Organization Society, and Settlement Movement approaches to serving the poor and provide examples of how each are reflected in the system of outdoor and indoor relief that remain intact today. Provide insights on how this analysis has deepened your knowledge of current human service delivery models.

Because these topics are very broad your immediate first task will be to narrow down your chosen topic into a focused and detailed essay, being specific about which readings and which ideas have been influential in forming your conclusion and why.

Consult at least five scholarly articles or books (preferably, a combination of both). At least three of the sources for each essay must be from the textbook or assigned readings. Do not quote the Study Guide. Rather, go to the sources it identifies for further information. In the Digital Reading Room and in the “Supplementary Readings List” you will find additional sources that provide many excellent sources on these topics. Try to include at least two sources beyond those that have been assigned.