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Gender inequalities in workplace, sexual harassment in the workplace and gender role socialization.

 Assignment: This assignment requires you to choose a current online article and to write a 3 page analytical essay (plus Works Cited page) analyzing how the event(s) it describes are relevant to some ideas, concepts, theories, processes or debates addressed in this course. To write an analytical essay means that you have to present an argument. First, you need to summarize the article and focus on the key points, avoid including too many details, keep summary concise and clear. After summarizing, comes the analysis part, you have to link the article topic to the sociological concept discussed in the course.1) gender inequalities in workplace,2) sexual harassment in the workplace 3) gender role socialization Link to the article: After reading the article , think about sociological concepts that might help us understand the events, conditions or trends the article describes. For example: Does the article provide a good example or illustration of a concept or process you have encountered in the course?– Does the article illustrate something you have learned in this course ?When writing the paper provide a clear explanation of the sociological idea(s) you will be discussing. You should use your text and video lectures for assistance, but you must present these ideas in your own words.Integrate the article you are analyzing by describing how and why your selection illustrates the sociological ideas you have chosen. Specification Include Works Cited page (Page 4 in your paper) withe a functioning URL link to the article, as well as references for course readings used in the paper.All papers must be typed, 3 pages in length, standard margins, 12 point font, double space.

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