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You have a choice of 6 questions, 2,000 words. I will provide a more in-depth reading list and lecture slides depending on which question you choose. This is a UK masters essay question, requesting a high distinction level Referencing style for Harvard, Please around 10 references minimum Question Options:

1. How strong is the synergy between a social protection agenda and a rights-based approach to development?

2. What are the respective roles of the state and civil society in strengthening processes of democratisation? Discuss with reference to two countries from the global south.


3. What is the relation between informalised labour in developing regions and the rise of the ‘precariat’ in developed regions?

4. Assess the view that globalisation has made the nation-state incapable of dealing with issues of agrarian development OR migration in the South.

5. In what ways is the recent turn to authoritarian populism in developing countries a way to address the contradictions of neoliberal development in the South? 3/18/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5 6. Discuss the proposition that city-based urban planning itself is not an answer to the key problems faced by the cities of the south