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Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. Define ethical leadership and critically evaluate whether it is being practiced in organisations

2. Identify the skills, knowledge and competencies required of ethical leaders

3. Critically evaluate your own levels of knowledge and skills and the steps required to develop these. This assignment is an individual assignment. This assignment requires you to write a 3000 word report answering the following question: Using ONE organisation, critically analyse the impact ethical leadership has on the organization. Your report should include the following sections:

• A definition of ethical leadership, ensuring that you recognise any alternative perspectives. • An analysis of the skills, knowledge and competencies needed in order to be viewed as an organisation that practices ethical leadership • A (brief) overview of the organisation • An analysis (using examples) of how ethical leadership is used within the organisation • A critical evaluation of the impact of ethical leadership on the organisation including references to its impact on staff, financial performance and culture • A brief section recommending any changes to the organisation’s current policy on ethical leadership PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CONTACT THE ORGANISATION DIRECTLY, ALL INFORMATION SHOULD BE GATHERED FROM PUBLICLY AVAILABLE SOURCES