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Compare the following thinkers:(Thesis statement in the introductory paragraph) – Carl Schmitt – Hannah Arendt How does each thinker conceptualize sovereignty and state power? How does their conception of sovereignty/ governance/ self-rule relate to the concepts of leadership, the people/ citizens, minorities (and generally people not recognized as belonging to the state)? How does this affect their understanding of nationhood/ the nation-state and its limitations? • Make sure you address all parts of the question in your comparative analysis • Give textual evidence from class readings • Always cite, whether you use direct quotes or indirectly refer ideas from the texts • Citations should include the following: author + page number (+ title if using several texts by the same author) Grading criteria: (a) Clarity and thoughtfulness of the central argument (including the presence of a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph) (b) Organization of the paper (as a defense of the thesis) (c) Depth of engagement with the course readings (d) Writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, avoidance of sentence fragments and run-on sentences)